Why Choose Nutritional Medicine?

Many of us are unknowingly imbalanced in nutrients. Nutritional Therapy uses the stuff your body is made of (Food!), so it may work properly again.

People are becoming aware of the direct relationship between what we do (or don’t!) eat and our health and vitality. But how do you really know what is right for you? Some people simply want to check they are on the right track with regard to healthy eating. Others may want a healthy body weight or to get help with their symptoms.

Sarah recognises that each person is an individual with unique requirements. Sarah takes time drawing up a personalised nutrition plan, rather than using a “one size fits all” approach.

Who Sarah Can Help

  • Anyone looking to improve their health through dietary and lifestyle change.
  • People with diagnosed conditions who are looking for long term solutions for better health.
  • Those with a few, or many, niggling symptoms that just won’t go away.
  • People looking for support in overcoming difficult life events or with managing a stressful lifestyle.
  • Athletes, looking for measurable improvements in their sports performance.
  • People who want to improve their mood and feel better emotionally.
  • Anyone who knows what they “should” eat, but struggles to do so due to difficulties such as unhealthy childhood patterning or distressing feelings. Understanding these psychological influences can take the battle away.
  • People needing help with addictive eating patterns, including disorders, binge eating and food dependency.

Whatever you are looking for, Sarah is here to support you in achieving your goals with as little effort on your part as possible. It's not about extremes but helping you to make gradual, manageable changes which are realistic, manageable, practical and most importantly, effective!



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