Food Intolerance Testing




YorkTest Laboratories is Europe’s leading provider of the Elisa IgG food intolerance testing with over 25 years’ experience, and is recommended by leading medical charity Allergy UK. According to Allergy UK, as many as 45% of the population suffers from food intolerance which, whilst not life threatening, can make all aspects of life very uncomfortable for sufferers.

You can order your food intolerance test kit through Nutritional Vitality, and in addition to your test results, you will receive a 30 minute telephone consultation with Sarah to support you in changing your diet.  Your food intolerance pack contains full instructions and a home-to-laboratory, pin-prick blood sample kit to send to the lab to test for food-specific IgG antibodies against either 76 or 113 foods.

The results arrive two weeks later and you receive your results pack which includes comprehensive test results and a guide book explaining the principles of treating food intolerance by eliminating certain foods from your diet.










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