Primrose House Trust


primrosePrimrose House is a vision that has become a reality. The story of Primrose House is one of personal belief and strong commitment. That vision came from the parents of a profoundly and multiply disabled young man, who wanted a future for their son that met his changing needs on a personal basis.  They did not want to see him segregated from the remainder of humanity, and yet they wanted to be sure that he had access to the specialist skills, care and equipment that he needed to be as comfortable, pain-free, mobile and as healthy as possible.

The parents equipped themselves with knowledge and made contact with professional staff in health, education and social services. They initiated local fund-raising, registered as a non-profit making charity, and invited people who were both knowledgeable and caring to form a Board of Trustees.

Primrose House caters for profoundly disabled young adults. In addition to housing these young adults, funds are needed for physiotherapy, transport, nursing, cooking, and cleaning, on site education and recreation and supervision in off site venues.  The list of costs is almost endless and one obvious implication is that maintaining this high level of local, community care for very disabled people is not cheap. This is why funds are desperately needed.

The Holistic Centre is a complementary health centre, shop, salon and cafe which supports Primrose House. It is used by our residents, carers, family, friends and the community as a whole. All profits from The Holistic Centre go to the Primrose House Trust.



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