Channel 4's "You Are What You Eat" and Jamie Oliver's crusade to provide healthy, nutritional food for school children have highlighted that nutrition is the key to a healthy society. With the importance of healthy eating high up on the National and Ofsted agenda, it is now more important than ever that your school is embracing the culture of good nutrition.

Not a week goes past without a new report in the media highlighting how our society is becoming increasingly unhealthier and obese. The solution is obvious – to educate our children to prevent an inevitable strain on our National Health Service caused by today’s convenient, fast-food based diets.

Seeing through all the media messages and understanding The National Healthy Schools Programme may seem a bit of daunting, but I can help your school meet its obligations in an easy, informative and effective way.

helpingschoolSarah provides workshops with both staff and pupils or training and menu planning sessions with your chefs. Sarah has worked with several local schools including Dallas Road Primary, Underley Hall and Belmont School to meet their healthy eating objectives, and has given them the education and tools they need to create nutritional policies to benefit their students.

Sarah can tailor-make a programme to suit your individual requirements. Your attendance of training sessions or workshops is certified and can be used as evidence for your Ofsted file, but more importantly you will have taken a giant step to a healthier future for everyone.



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