"I find Sarah extremely helpful. She is never judgemental – always positive – with a calming nature- and very professional in her approach.  Sarah listens, and asks questions, she offers advice and suggestions.  In short, Sarah addresses the problems and advises on how to work with them. Thank you Sarah – you’ve done the impossible for me, and I’m still enjoying the fruits of my labours.  My lifestyle has changed and so has my outlook. "
JS Lancaster

"Thank you so much for your good advice. It has made an enormous difference!!! I see my Lama for spiritual healing and couldn’t have gone without your help. Lesson learned – alternative medicine for me."
AD, Withernsea

"I found the dietary therapy amazingly helpful, as it changed my life from several years of pain and suffering to back to living my normal life and I would (and have) recommended it and you."
G. W Lancashire

"I follow Sarah’s advice around 80% of the time, and 20% of the time I’ll eat some of what I used to before. I can honestly say that seeing Sarah Garton Nutritional Therapist is one of the best things I’ve ever done."
JS Burnley

"Sarah is great to deal with and always available to answer any questions and give me guidance when I need it. I've been struggling for years with various doctors to get myself back to full health, but after I didn't get any success there I decided to go down a different route. Since the first consultation Sarah's knowledge and helpful approach have made a big difference to me - I can't recommend her highly enough"
BP, Lancaster

"I found the whole experience very, very positive and it has enabled me to improve my health and general well being so much that I am continuing to use your guidelines everyday. The written reports were especially helpful to me as they were concise and well presented; I still refer to them daily. After many years of trying to 'go it alone' but also trying to find the correct information in books to do so, to be able talk over my health concerns with you and have you explain the reasoning behind your recommendations was so enlightening and comforting. I would have no hesitation in recommending your programme (and indeed I have) to anyone. As for me, it has changed my whole outlook on what to eat, when to eat it and why I should eat it. The supplements you recommended have also made such a difference too - the condition of my nails has improved greatly, my skin is superb, my sleep patterns, which were very broken, have improved so much that I now regularly sleep 6 hours a night which in itself is wonderful. To say that you have changed my life for the better is an understatement, because of your programme I feel much healthier, more able to cope with life’s ups and downs and  most importantly for me, I look forward to every new day knowing I am doing everything I can to keep myself in the best of health.”
PH, Silverdale

"Sarah has been a great help to me.  I feel much better since implementing the supplements and dietary changes she suggested.  The positive results have shown up in my blood work results, too!  [I don't know if you can use that last sentence, but it's true.]  I have recommended Sarah to others also.  She's been great both for both me and my son." 
D.C., Preston

“Sarah has literally changed my life around. Years of yo-yo dieting had well and truly taken their toll on my wellbeing both physically and mentally, and I had gotten to the point where I thought that there was something very seriously wrong with me. I’ve been seeing Sarah now for seven months and the improvements in the way I feel and look has been remarkable.  Having thoroughly assessed all my symptoms we have slowly worked at eliminating the causes and while my treatment is still on going, there is no turning back for me now. Up until now every course of treatment revealed another layer of symptoms to be looked at and now I’m nearly at the point where I can maintain my well being myself.  Sarah has helped me discover undiagnosed food intolerances and this in itself has been fundamental in how I feel today. Unlike any other diet with Sarah’s help I have finally weakened my emotional attachment to food, and now have a much healthier attitude to how, when and what I eat. I shudder to think where I might be today if I had not have met Sarah seven months ago.”
KT, Hull

"I have found your advice/nutritional support very beneficial to my son’s health and emotional health/wellbeing. I continue to order and give my son supplements as advised by yourself. I also am very grateful for the general advice you offer me whenever I ask.  I never expect you to spend the time answering my questions but am always pleasantly surprised that you have taken the time out of your busy schedule."
IL, Thornton Cleavleys

“It’s very difficult to express in words just how much Sarah has helped my daughter and me through her Nutritional Therapy. On both accounts Sarah has thrown us a ‘life-line’, through her therapy she has helped us understand how lifestyles and diets can and will change for the better your individual well-being and vitality.  
Sarah’s appointments are relaxed and without pressure. We all read in magazines that we should eat this and drink that so we have a basic knowledge that ‘eating healthy is good for you’ - but because Sarah talks to you as an individual she can tailor a nutritional dietary program that suits you and your needs and explains how and why the foods work together to make the improvements you need. I was looking for positive results for my daughter and me and with Sarah’s therapy I got them – it’s the best thing I have ever done”
SR, Whalley

"Food was a very emotive subject for me having suffered with an eating disorder for over a decade. I contacted Sarah for help and found her to be very approachable, reassuring and knowledgeable. The dietary prescription that was created specifically for me following a detailed health assessment was realistic and practical, with the rationale fully explained in a format I could understand. Sarah's e-mail support was brilliant when I found things difficult or had any questions and I am delighted with the progress I have made, following the advised changes in diet and lifestyle. I was able to understand why I was finding recovery difficult, how to progress and Sarah encouraged me to take ownership of my own improvements in health.  I now enjoy my food, have much more energy and feel a definite improvement in my mental health.  Sarah's positive and pragmatic approach has enabled me to achieve the objectives I set at our initial meeting, and learn how to maintain my future health. I feel very positive about the future and could not be happier with the nutritional therapy I received."
S.P. Burnley


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